Summer Learning 2024

Immerse yourself in creative adventures, forge new friendships, take on epic quests, and see what adventures your library has to offer this summer!

Summer Learning Program is available to children, teens, and adults and encourages reading and learning throughout the summer months. We will have reading challenges, prizes, and programs all within this year’s theme “Adventure Begins at Your Library”.

Complete challenges along our “Trail Adventure” reading log to take your summer to the next level! As you explore our Trail Adventure you will encounter two types of challenges. Reading challenges will encourage you to be adventurous in your reading and Adventure challenges will push you to add adventures to your summer that are nonreading related.

Complete as many challenges as you can along the way! As you complete a challenge, color in the icon. No need to go in order.

Turn in your reading log with at least 8 challenges completed by the end of summer to receive a prize.

Attend Summer Learning events and earn tickets for grand prize drawings at the End of The Summer Celebration. Each person will also receive a prize when returning their reading log at the end of summer.

"Epic Programming"

Each week we will explore a new adventure with themed programs. We will have a variety of weekly programs and crafts for all age groups.

Each week will have a:

  • Passive Program– an activity available to anyone who comes into the library that day.
  • Weekly Event– a program for all ages based on that week’s theme
  • Creative Community– a weekly craft adaptable to all ages (Wednesdays at 4 pm)
  • Storytime– a read-aloud story, craft, and snack for ages 0-8
  • YA Program– a themed program geared towards young adults ages 10-18

Summer Reading Kickoff July 8th from 4-6pm

Let’s kick off the summer with a Chalk the Walk event. We will also have ice cream sundaes, a prize drawing, and, of course, all of the info about this year’s summer learning program. We will get everyone registered and hand out reading logs.

"Week 1 Nature Adventure"
  • Passive Program: All week 10 am-6 pm
    • Identifying Animal Tracks- join us on a hunt around the library as we discover different animal tracks and who they belong to.
  • Weekly Event: Tuesday 4 pm
    • DIY Terrariums- Create your own miniature world within a terrarium.
  • Creative Community: Wednesday 4 pm
    • Flower Smash Art
  • Storytime: Thursday 10:30 am
    • We’re Going on a Bear Hunt- We will go on a bear hunt after reading the story and crafting our bear-hunting supplies!
  • YA Program: Friday 3 pm
    • Cyanotypes- Capture nature with science using cyanotype!
Week 2- Road Trip Adventure
  • Passive Program: All week from 10 am-6 pm
    • Landmark ISPY- Play a game of ISPY with different landmarks hidden around the library.
  • Weekly Event: Saturday at 11 am.
    • The Amazing Race- Race “around the world” and complete challenges along the way. After visiting each continent turn in your passport to see how many points you’ve earned.
  • Creative Community: Wednesday at 4 pm
    • Travel Tic Tac Toe
  • Storytime: Thursday at 10:30 am
    • 10 Beautiful Things by Molly Beth Griffin
  • YA Program: Friday at 5 pm
    • Mario Kart Tournament- Join us for a Mario Kart Tournament on the Nintendo Switch.

Week 3 Fantasy Adventure
  • Passive Program: All week from 10 am-6 pm
    • Potion making- Collect items found throughout the library to create a potion.
  • Weekly Event: Friday at 5:30 pm
    • Fantasy Movie Night- Join us as we watch How to Train Your Dragon. We will have food and drinks provided.
  • Creative Community: Wednesday at 4 pm
    • Fairy houses
  • Storytime: Thursday 10:30 am
    • Dress up in the fantasy attire of your choosing for a picnic and story at the village gazebo. Think fairies, wizards, trolls, dragons and more! We will be reading Through The Fairy Door by Gabby Dawnay.
  • YA Program: Monday at 4 pm
    • Clay Dragon Eyes- design and build a dragon eye with clay and other decorative supplies.
week 4 adventure of the senses
  • Passive Program: All week from 10 am- 6 pm
    • Scavenger Hunt- Visit each station to discover the 5 senses. See if you can identify each clue on the scavenger hunt.
  • Weekly Event: Friday at 1 pm
    • Glow Party- Have fun with sight and sound at our glow party.
  • Creative Community: Wednesday at 4 pm
    • Kaleidoscope creation
  • Storytime: Thursday at 10:30 am
    • We will go on a sensory exploration after our story with different stations and sensory bins to play with. We will be reading Can You See It by Susan Verde.
  • YA Program: Monday at 3 pm
    • Fear Factor- Join us if you dare! Challenge yourself with your identification abilities. We will have different items for you to touch, see, and hear while you guess what they are.
Week 5 Adventure in Food
  • Passive Program: All week from 10 am- 6 pm
    • Foreign Food Taste Testing- each day we will have food from a different country for you to try.
  • Weekly Event: Friday at 3 pm
    • Pancake Art- Try your hand at pancake art! We will have all of the supplies to make your own masterpiece out of pancake mix.
  • Creative Community: Wednesday at 4 pm
    • Edible Campfires
  • Storytime: Thursday at 10:30 am
    • We will read My Food, Your Food, Our Food by Emma Carlson Berne and talk about trying new foods.
  • YA Progam: Monday at 4 pm
    • Creative Food Competition- Use our supplies and ingredients to create your best food creation. Use food to build a piece of art, animal, or monster. Judges will choose winners based on creativity and taste.
  • Passive Program: All week from 10 am -6 pm
    • This week we will have miniature canvases available to decorate as you please. These canvases will be collected and used as part of a community mural that will be displayed in the library.
  • Weekly Event: Monday at 4 pm
    • Mini Canvases- decorate a miniature canvas to add to a community mural that will be on display in the library. We will have all sorts of supplies available to make it your own.
  • Creative Community: Wednesday at 4 pm
    • Squirt Gun Painting
  • Storytime: Thursday at 10:30 am
    • Explore the theme of art with the story, I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More by Karen Beaumont. We will have a variety of different art stations set up to play with.
  • YA Program: Tuesday from 3-5 pm
    • Comic Book Creation- Join artist Emily Swan as she teaches us how to create our own comic books.